First and Last Time


So my husband and I finally get a weekend to ourselves. No kid, a little gambling and lots of sex. Or at least supposed to be. I have a medical grade Marijuana chocolate bar. A little bit will do you. I have always wanted my husband to try it. Never pressuring him. It was there… Continue Reading

Secretly Swearing At People


I think we’ve all muttered something under our breath before but I think I take it to a whole new level. A new level that I think really isn’t necessary, but I can’t stop. Usually big coats are my thing, I love big pockets and usually keep my hands in them when I’m walking about… Continue Reading



To be honest, I could post about how I actually don’t mind spending Thanksgiving with my family and you might think that’s an acceptable thing to confess. But so many people think this is a breakthrough it’s kind of cliché nowadays. Instead let’s talk about the only other thing related to Thanksgiving, food. Turkey, turkey… Continue Reading

I Am A Workaholic


That’s my first confession to be documented here on Lazy Confessions. Working a full time job alongside owning a company and being a Mum and now launching a blog I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m a workaholic. On this blog we’ll be talking about my confessions and hopefully we’ll get some of your confessions too…. Continue Reading